Unforgettable Moments In Mallorca
What can be more rejuvenating than organizing a beach party in the afternoon featuring the incredible panorama of a beautiful island like Majorca? Nothing. Majorca or Mallorca, being the largest among the four Balearic Islands, serves as the best location for every event, from corporate to birthday parties and weddings to beach parties. Majorca events, followed by fine dining, make your trip to this island an exceptionally awesome and a cherished one. But, planning and arranging a perfect party in a Mediterranean ambience is not always easy, especially in an era where people demand something stupendous. This is when professionals…
Summer night party
We had a real summer night party at Finca Sa Serra. With tasty salads and barbecued meat and naturally the best wines from this region, the party was a hit. Kerstin Künzle, founder of MAVINO (in the photo with Claudia Crotti-Erni from Puntorosso) invited us to also celebrate her birthday at midnight. The party was a huge success, with lots of laughing, partying, dancing and swimming in the pool.