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Who’s Puntorosso Music?

Puntorosso Music is a music production company based in Majorca / Spain, specialized in music production, composition and remixing for Record Companies/Labels, Movie Score, and TV Commercials.

Puntorosso Music also represents the catalog and services of Ambrogio “Amadeus” Crotti, an internationally renowned, multi-platinum awarded engineer, music producer and composer.

With over 25 years experience in the music business, Amadeus has worked, written, arranged and produced smash hits for some of the biggest names in pop and EDM, including Bonnie Tyler, Modern Talking, Matthias Reim, Placido Domingo, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and many more.



Bonnie Taylor – Angel Heart
Blue System – Operator
Bino – Emozioni
Baila Caliente – Hey amor
Bahia Kings – Samba pa ti
Backstreet Boys – Get Down (You’re the one.. )
Baccara – Yes Sir I can boogie
Azuquita feat. Matthias Reim – Te quiero a veces
Avant-Garde – You got to be strong
Avant-Garde – Get Down
2 Eivissa – Are you ready?
2 Eivissa – Oh la la la

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