Paella Cookery Course

Every holiday-maker has tasted at least once, the "paella", the Spanish national dish. Many of these people have become true fans of this gorgeous gourmet meal and as this is a group holiday in Spain, not enjoying a paella meal, would be simply unthinkable.

To give you the pleasure of making a Paella at home, we offer a traditional paella cookery course.

Our paella cook follows the original Spanish recipe, and in typical surroundings, demonstrates how a real paella is cooked.


- 1 cook
- service staff
- Finca rent (exclusive)
- Paella cookery course

- Aperitif (cheese, ham, tomatoes, Pa amb oli, Tapas with tuna)
- Paella (fish or meat, fish/meat or vegetable)
- Dessert

- Beverage:
- Red wine
- White wine
- Beer
- Soft drinks
- Water

Rally on the island

Wine tasting

Dinner Show