The M Factor

Live your dream! Attend a day in a professional recording studio: a unique experience.

We start the activity in your hotel/location and have fun all together with this amazing team building event, writing the ultimate Anthem for your company/brand/product.

A professional band will guide you through the creative process and rehearse with you the melody on a very entertaining way.

But the excitement doesn't end here! The participants will move to a professional studio, to put the new hymn on tape.

Our vocal coaches will show you basic singing lessons and our engineer/producer will show you around the studio and briefly explain the recording process. We will record multiple takes of your vocals and edit between them to make sure that we get the best performance.

The recorded song, mixed by an Award winning engineer, and the video of the event will be for sure your greatest life's souvenir.

Brooke Jakobsen
Cook Medical

Love love love. Amazing.
Our boss cried happy tears last night when she heard it.
They all danced around in a circle when the song was played.
Thank you again Amadeus to you, Claudia and your amazing team.
And a big hug to your lead singer. She rocked it.

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