Balearic feeling

At Puntorosso in Mallorca, discover the elements where they meet. The water of the Mallorca Island, which appeals to the sea lovers by the uniform waves that breaks on its sandy shores. The earth, which rises out of the ocean as a bejeweled island, filled with a colorful and extremely friendly local crowd for the pleasure of the travelers. Feel the pleasant air of the unpolluted sea breeze, which refreshes your mind as well as your skin, as you stay in this Mediterranean Island. And the fire of the setting sun with its breathtaking view as it sets on the horizon behind the Cathedral of Palma.

Mallorca is well-known among all its die-hard fans for its unique landscape which consists of both picturesque beaches and wild and rugged mountainous lands. The Mallorca hinterland is also well known and widely travelled by all the visitors visiting this Island for its bucolic ambience, with old traditional churches and desolate idyllic landscapes which calm tired eyes. Mallorca is a haven for all nature-loving souls. The call of nature in the wildness of this Mediterranean island is unfathomable and can only be experienced by travelling to and living on this island, which is no less than a piece of paradise in the sweet wilderness of the Mediterranean Sea.

At Puntorosso in Mallorca, we are happy to offer you our team building workshops and incentive programs, which are tailored according to your needs. Along with comfortable accomodations and wonderful local cuisines, Puntorosso inspires you and your business associates to find the needed synergy in your work and thoughts that encourages your team building and leadership abilities.

So for the pleasure and benefit of your employees and business associates, if you find our events and activities interesting, please feel free to contact us through our online inquiry form, available on our website.


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