Team building – 5 Golden Rules

Play this video to get 5 important tips about team building.

Team building – 5 Golden Rules for Building a Great Team

Be open minded

Putting all your biggest brains together won’t build a good team. They will see problems, challenges and opportunities in the same way, and will work in the same way in solving them.
Nobody will listen to others and criticism won’t be shared constructively.

Mix people

Don’t think extroverts people as better ‘team-players’.
Any members bring a diversity of thought, experience and skills to a team.
While extroverts may inspire and motivate, introverts can create the most wonderful new ideas and inventions.

Build Trust

People works together effectively if they trust each other.
The problem is that we perceive the trustworthiness of the group by assessing the least trustworthy member.
Don’t let that one bad apple spoil the bunch.

Be happy

Create that buzz that makes the group so great to work in.
Humor signalize that people are getting along and reduce stress, boost creativity, and communication.

Define goals and roles

When your people don’t have clear goals, they muddle through their day. They can’t be productive if they have no idea what they’re working for, or what their work means.
And if the situation changes and the team has to adapt, unclear goals and roles becomes a problem.
Nobody knows what to do, and that’s a recipe for disaster.
A clear goal efficiently provide instructions to your team on how to go from point A to point B, and it’s more likely to succeed.

Imparting a clear vision and inspiring its members, is fundamental to team success.
That’s why team building is more important than ever.

Puntorosso, because each team is unique.


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