Team building in Majorca, some easy ways

In this changing and chaotic economy, creating prosperous market profits and sustaining viability are prime concerns for the KEY-MANAGEMENT officials in an organization. This is not the end of the story. Increasing team productivity to boost economic solutions is another major concern, which can be easily dealt with by introducing team building activities. Being a corporate head of an organization, you do not have sufficient time to plan and arrange such activities, so you may want to hire a team building company.

Puntorosso, as a Majorca-based team building company, offers an ocean full of ideas to encourage the employees of an organization to work productively. Moreover, these activities come as a stressbuster and work great by breaking the monotony of the routine.†We can handle small groups (25 people) to large groups (around 2000 people).

Usually, organizations sponsor incentives for their organization. The team building solutions provided by Puntorosso in Majorca are a great budget-friendly replacement for expensive incentives organized annually. These team building activities are certainly enjoyable, helping the employees to reconnect with each other, nourishing their productivity and creating better levels of communication among the team members.

Some benefits of team building activities are:

  • Encouragement to deliver strong working relationships
  • Both Teamwork and Leadership
  • Setting the goals and working to achieve them on time.
  • Better Communication
  • Development of emotional rapport


All Group Events

The corporate group events have a great potential to simulate the participants (employees) mentally to bring out the best in them. For example a tapas rally can certainly be an enjoyable culinary event when experienced with team members, project managers, project members, etc.

Budget Activities

The key to success for an organization is happy and satisfied employees. Organizing a team building corporate event full of energy which can involve, amuse and educate them is the best way possible to achieve this goal. Creating a high energy team building event or corporate activity that can engage, entertain and educate employees is always the best way. For example the city rally  is an excellent example of an effective budget activity.

Some Activities Based on Technology

Communication today is greatly influenced by the evolution of the technology. Smart gadgets have re-invented the ways people navigate on roads, keep a record of their lives in pictures and videos and the practice of business. Check our "My Company" offer, to discover an innovative approach to team-building.

Active/Race Style Activities

The Active/Race Style activities are a the great way to recharge the enthusiasm of your employees. For example, a jeep or cabrio rally can be easily organized.

Green Environmental themes

Playing eco-friendly games is like hitting two birds with one stone. They encourages the employees as well as teaching them the importance of being eco-friendly. Ask for our Eco-Race activity, for more information.

Last word

The corporate team building activities are always great successes; they work both at the individual (employee) level and at the organizational level. These activities focus on overcoming mental and physical challenges to improve the personality of an individual and the organization as a whole.


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