Finca in the heart of the island

Finca in the heart of the island

The finca is a unique place that perfectly reflects the cultural values and history of the island. Located in the heart of the island, this enchanted location offers you absolute privacy for your wedding in a rustic setting.

The finca has been owned by the family since 1510 and can look back on a history of more than 250 years. There are many perfect rooms for your dream day. Uniqueness and exclusivity determine this place, which makes your wedding very personal and unique.

We also provide accommodation for 10 people, consisting of 5 double rooms with 4 double beds and 2 single beds.

All kinds of ceremonies can be celebrated in the lovingly tended oak forest. Z

A really special and magical place to say "Yes, I do".



Antique sailing-ship
Wonderful Sea Club
Exclusive Finca in South Majorca