Nina & Marc

Dear Puntorosso Events Team...

Two weeks have passed since we were able to experience the most beautiful day of our lives thanks to you.
What you have put together for us in Cala Cap Falco Beach is simply indescribable.
We were sure that it would be very beautiful and emotional... but what you have achieved was simply amazing. It was not only emotional... this evening was drenched in countless tears of joy! Not only did you captivate us with your lovely manner, but also with the perfect ambience and the right music at the right time (the groom's goosebumps are still rising today at THIS song).

Everything was just perfect and we don't just want to talk about the day of our wedding, no.... You were simply there for us at all times.

This one evening got under our skin... not least because you could tell that someone with a heart must have organised this event.

Muchas Gracias

Besitooooos y Saludos

Nina y Marc