by Alessandro Crotti


I am Alessandro Crotti, graduated in physical education at Insubria University. I have been working in several sports fields including professional football clubs, and I have also been practising as a personal trainer for several years with one aim: to make my clients feel good both physically and mentally.

You often stop and think...... :

  • I am fed up with my sedentary and monotonous life! I want to start a new, active and healthy one!
  • I try hard, I work hard but I can't achieve the goals I set for myself in terms of aesthetics or sports performance!
  • I really want to visit new places and feel the need to meet new people!

Active holidays is all that!

You can engage in unique activities, I will take away any doubts you may have about sport, supplementation and nutrition, I will answer any questions you may have, I will help you improve your physique and performance, and I will unveil most of the secrets of the fitness world, all this combined with discovering new places and meeting new people who, like you, love travelling and sport.

Contact me now for more information, you won't regret it!

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Alessandro Crotti

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