Antique sailing-ship

There are so many great reasons to celebrate your event with something extraordinary and unforgettable. Planning it on a classic vessel will guarantee to make it special.
Only the water and the sky surrounds this wonderful celebration with your family and friends.
Enjoy your ship event on board of the oldest sailing ship Spain, active in service since 160 years.

The yacht has been built on wood by experienced sailors, who appreciated the quality of this noble material. This exclusive yacht, With its classic line and timeless design, it’s a true workmanship’s quality that outlived its creators.
Since April 15, 1841, sails at sea en route. This classic yacht with his experienced and friendly crew, always happy to share their knowledge and love of sailing, bring the love for the sea world to any landlubber.

The ship is anchored in the Palma de Mallorca’s harbour, but can also be boarded from other Mallorca’s ports.

Let your guests on board participate and help by the sails hoisting and enjoy the fresh food, prepared in the fully equipped kitchen and cooked on a grill.
Celebrate your ship event on this elegant vessel, navigating the bright blue Mediterranean Sea, for a unique life’s experience. A wonderful sailing day you will never forget.

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