Beach Wedding

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, and undoubtedly, they are, but the beautiful occasion of marriage takes place on this earth in the presence of loved ones. Every marriage-related event is extremely special, not just for the bride and groom, but every person who is present with them on their big day. And marriages become even more eventful when they are performed in picturesque places, such as the beach. A wedding on the beach is a dream of many couples, but this dream came true for one couple, Karin and Andy, in May.

The wedding began with the beautiful bride walking slowly and elegantly towards the altar, escorted by her father. Karin held her favorite color of flowers in her hands while walking towards the happy groom. As the priest declared them man and wife, the beauty of the beach suddenly seemed to be magnified. This amazing beach wedding was attended by Claudia Crotti-Erni from Puntorosso, a Mallorca-based team-building company. Surely, Puntorosso is famous for its team-building events that instill enthusiasm in its participants, but this memorable event for Karin and Andy’s wedding saw a team-building activity that is going to last for a lifetime. The noise of the waves and the beautiful sunset made this wedding the experience of a lifetime. Here’s wishing Andy and Karin a lifelong union that is filled with lots of happiness and prosperity. Truly a unique experience!


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